Assistant Program for Dr. Anthony Lombardi’s Seminars

Become an assistant for our seminars with Anthony Lombardi!  Many people ask us how to become an assistant for Anthony Lombardi’s courses, so we have decided to create a program so more people can experience being an assistant and obtain all the perks in doing so.

Our assistants realize great benefit by continuing to attend Anthony’s courses.  Anthony never stops improving, and adds new information and techniques to his classes.  In becoming an assistant you will stay on the cutting edge of the information and techniques he offers.  The skills you learn will stay fresh and accurate for your clinical practice, since assisting can be a very effective way to learn and own the material.  In assisting others, you will improve your own understanding and master these skills. You will gain more confidence in your own assessment, diagnosis and treatment skills.  You will also be able to add this experience to your resume, posting it on your practice website or making you a better candidate for being hired in a practice.

To be eligible to apply for the Assistant program:

  • Applicants need to have attended at least 1 live Exstore/EA/Motor point seminar in 2019 or later
  • Applicants need to have attended at least 2 motor point classes (at least one with Anthony – the above EXSTORE/EA/Motor point seminar counts towards this)
  • Must submit proof of a current malpractice policy with their application.
  • You must have a current license to practice acupuncture.

How does the assistant program work?

  • First time assistants- there will be no charge for the seminar; assistants will be expected to cover their own travel expenses and accommodations
  • After that, if chosen for further assisting opportunities, seminar will be no charge and travel and accommodations will be covered/reimbursed
  • After assisting 3 seminars, you will be eligible to attend a live grand rounds seminar at Anthony’s clinic. This will be a complimentary seminar open only to assistants who have met the above qualifications.  The seminar will include further refinement of your skills, as well as content not offered in the current seminars through Chinese Medicine That Works. Patients will be available for attendees, so attendees can obtain real-world practice under the guidance of Anthony
  • Grand Rounds seminars date to be determined, will be in 2022.

To apply to become an assistant for Anthony Lombardi seminars please submit an application (email) with answers to the following questions.  Applications can be e-mailed to Please also e-mail proof of malpractice insurance and your state and license number.

  • Which Anthony Lombardi LIVE seminars have you attended
  • Which Anthony Lombardi webinars have you taken
  • How long have you been implementing EXSTORE and other techniques learned from Anthony Lombardi in your clinic
  • What percentage of your patients are you using EXSTORE on?
  • What other orthopedic or musculoskeletal focused seminars  you have taken (including ones with instructors other than Anthony)
  • Why do you think you would make a good assistant
  • Anything else you’d like to tell us about you and your practice and experience
  • Where you practice (city/State or country if not in U.S.)