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Sandra Subotich is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), herbalist and medical qi gong practitioner licensed in California and Illinois. She is also nationally certified as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine and holds a Bachelors degree in education/psychology.

She started her journey in Honolulu, Hi where she attended The World Medicine Institute ~ Tai Hsuan, a small Taoist school run by 67th lineage Heavenly Taoist Master Lillian Chang. Under direct mentorship with Dr. Chang, Sandra learned lineage specific acupuncture, herbal preparations, medical qi gong, meditations and energetic healing techniques and practices. She also traveled throughout China with Dr. Chang visiting many hospitals and temples, and being taught by various Taoist Masters residing in rural areas of the country.

Sandra went on to complete her masters degree as well as her doctorate from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, Ca., where she did extensive training in Dr Tan/Master Tung, orthopedic acupuncture including motor point/trigger point therapy and five element acupuncture. Sandra also did extensive training in pulse diagnosis with a variety of teachers including Jimmy Chang.

Her capstone/thesis was done on the use of specific acupuncture techniques in the treatment of pain and paresthesia in multiple sclerosis patients.

Sandra was in the first cohort of the fibro/fatigue program taught by Dr Andrew Miles, Dr Xuelan Xiu and Dr Tom Whalen. Since then, she has been actively involved within the program and has successfully taken many fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue patients through the protocol and has expanded her success to include patients with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and mold toxicity.

After 6 years of private practice in an integrative clinic in Santa Cruz Ca, Sandra now practices within an integrative medical center in Chicago, Illinois.

Sandra is currently an assistant instructor in the pulse, herbs, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune seminars, and is developing core curriculum for CMTW's upcoming educational tracks.